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Alex Vaughn Chats ‘The Hurtbook,’ Tour With Ari Lennox, and More

Known for her honest and evocative lyrics, Maryland-born R&B singer-songwriter Alex Vaughn is the genre’s latest breakout star. Her determination to grow as a musician and her willingness to take risks have resulted in popular cuts like “Mirage,” which she released last February shortly after signing with LVRN.

Vaughn reveals her classical musicianship and unfiltered expressiveness in her most recent work, The Hurtbook, which explores more introspective and profound themes. The combination of her technical prowess and emotive candor in the 7-song effort makes for an engrossing and unforgettable listen. Among standouts like “Talkin” and “Do You Ever,” the project ultimately serves as the perfect introduction to the singer’s world for new fans and avid listeners alike.

Ahead of her first-ever tour run with Ari Lennox, we had the chance to chat with Alex Vaughn regarding her latest project, love, and hitting the road among other topics. Keep scrolling to read our conversation.

Hey Alex! How’s the year been treating you thus far? 

This year has been insane. Beautifully insane. A ton of new experiences and blessings, along with equal amount of learning curves. I love it here. 

The Hurtbook has obviously been one of your major highlights of 2022—how do you feel about all the love and response it’s been getting from your fans? Has anything shocked you?

I’m so happy and grateful for all the response it’s been getting. It’s been so long since dropping a full project, I forgot what this experience felt like. I think I’m shocked at how many people have been identifying me in public and yelling my lyrics at me. 

As you previously mentioned, the project started off as a “compilation of thoughts from an old relationship,” but grew into something much more. How much of making the EP involved you shedding some of your past self?

It involved a lot of shedding of my past self. Lots of those songs were stories and thoughts I wanted to forget about completely, but those same songs began to match what’s going on in my life currently… only completely different scenarios with different people. It’s almost forced me to look at my past self and ask myself if she’s still even there.

Naturally, themes surrounding love appear all throughout the project. What’s your definition of love in the current moment and more specifically, what’s your love language?

I feel like I’m figuring this out every day, but I’d say love is a journey that involves people who are committed to the ride. It’s showing up for someone because it makes you happy too, and it’s what you’d want for yourself as well. Love is a safe space, and a comfort, while also being stretched to greater heights. That’s all I’ve got for now.

My top love language would have to be….. Quality time.

Similar to music, beauty and fashion have this magical way of exuding confidence. What are some rules you live by when it comes to self-care and style?

Do whatever you feel, and be patient with yourself! Most importantly remember that you are sexy at all times! ALL TIMES!

With your EP having been out for some time, where do you seek inspiration to create your music now?

I’ve always been inspired by life and what’s going on in my world, so I just have to keep living, and being unafraid of making mistakes! 

Ultimately, what are some of the key messages you hope to deliver through your work?

I’m out here figuring out life the best way I can, the same way we all are. I believe we’re all capable of tapping into our superpowers, but it begins with accepting yourself for who you are and where you are in that journey… and that I accept you and believe in you getting to your destination.

Starting in January, you’ll be hitting the road with Ari Lennox for your first-ever tour—is there anything that you’re looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to performing in new cities and connecting with new listeners! I’m excited to share the stage with two beautiful and talented women. I’m excited to learn and grow from this experience!! This is my first tour! I’m on 1000. I am most excited to step into this new realm of my artistry.  

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