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Albertina Talks About “Record,” Beauty Secrets, and More

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Albertina Press Photo Main

Emanating from the heart of London’s vibrant music scene, DJ and vocalist Albertina has released her latest afro-pop masterpiece, “Record.” The song showcases the musician’s ability to blend infectious Afro-textures with a remarkable vocal range.

Drawing inspiration from trailblazing talents such as J Hus and Rihanna, the song provides an eclectic mix of sharp percussion and mellow rhythmics. It’s a clear statement of Albertina’s multi-dimensional sound and her ability to tell stories of new and exciting love interests through her music.

Born in West Yorkshire to creative parents, she quickly found her passion for expression and the arts. London’s bustling artistic environment became her canvas, providing her with a platform to hone and display her multifaceted talent. Albertina is not just a singer but also an accomplished DJ, with a residency at BALAMII and regular gigs at some of the city’s most popular underground clubs.

Albertina’s previous EP, Waiting 4 Life, demonstrated her skills as a songwriter, performer, and producer. Co-produced with Jacob Samuel, the record offered a poignant reflection on loneliness and escapism. Its production tapped into the expertise of acclaimed directors such as Delphino, Molly Daniels, and Alexandre De Oliveira, resulting in a visualizer that merged the ethereal beauty of nature with the unpredictable aspect of technology.

With “Record” now available, Albertina further establishes her place in the UK music scene. The promising talent is on a fast track to success, with her rich artistry embodying London’s diverse sound waves. As she continues to impress with her creative approach, Albertina remains a talent to keep an eye on.

You’re still fairly new to the music industry, releasing your first single in 2020 – how are you finding it all so far? What’s the music scene in London been like?

I’m actually an old goat. I’ve been around in the London game for a while, just in different guises. This is the real me, the lion with seven lives. London is one of the best cities, I just love the style and the people, they make this place. Without the artists coming through, this country hasn’t got much to offer other than Burberry & Greggs.

From listening to your music, it’s clear that you like to take genres out of their comfort zone, combining a range of niche influences to make a sound completely your own. In what environment do you feel most inspired to make music?  

I use Djing as a form of production to evolve sounds to my liking. I’m always thirsty for fresh sounds to keep it pushing, or capture the mood of the pieces. I love everything except heavy rock, or winey indie that they use for adverts. I love being in the hills, I just got back from Hollywood, and it reminded me of the Pennine Valleys where I grew up. There’s something so cozy being free of judgements, to be loud and nested in the nature.  

Your new single, “Record,” was released today. How would you describe the song for people not familiar with your music?

This one is giving that classic Riri, dancehall-inspired, autotune, pop classic summer banger! It’s necessary to catch a wine!

That being said, where do you find it easiest to write? Are you someone that needs to be out of their comfort zone to seek inspiration, or are you most productive in the ease of a studio?

It all depends on life, sometimes, I really enjoy having someone else there to click buttons and bounce off, but I’m such a backseat driver in the studio. I like being alone or working with people I trust and are on a deep level. Luckily I can make music anywhere, anytime really.

I’ve definitely been pushed in the studio by some high-profile producers, so it has trained me to be versatile but now more confident and fierce. You gotta rise to life challenges and use your experiences as ammo in your work. You can then box that emotion like a diary and utilize it for something positive, and revisit it to reflect, let go, and reinterpret.

Not too long ago, you dropped Waiting 4 Life. How would you say that your music has evolved since your other projects?

It was more experimental and within art and fashion, in which you can be freeform and sonically imperfect or uncomfortable. There’s more space there for the listeners to ponder, breath, and mull over uglier sounds and figure out if it speaks to them. Whereas the new stuff is going more into pop/dance vibes. Always trying to be true to myself and what I enjoy playing out to DJing. I love dancing so much!

What’s your current weirdest internet obsession? 

Handsome men who can garden. Funny curly-haired dogs. My viral TikTok dance to “Record” on the Hollywood Hills!

We’re always curious to know what our faves in music are using beauty-wise — what are your go-to skincare and makeup products at the moment?

Utan’s Freckle Pen, my makeup and hair stylist Violet Ultra absolutely outdid herself by putting me onto this. So you use it for lip liner and it sets for two days. I love Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Rose Beauty Balm to glow my face, and CeraVe cleanser for smooth clear skin. On my lips: Dr. Organic’s Cherry Lip Balm with SPF15 (2-4-1 bargain at Holland & Barrett) then for my body I love; Weleda, skin food. It smells amazing and gets the legs soft as a bottom.