Adilette 22 Slides Releases: Everything To Know About The Topography-Inspired Shoe

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The Adilette 22 slides, which has been prominently compared to the Yeezy Slide, is a remote descendant of what footwear designer Adi Dassler dreamed up in 1970 in terms of aesthetics. The design’s futuristic lines and geography-like structure complement the slides’ previously published neutral color choices in a nod to 3D topography and human exploration of Mars.

The design of these sneakers takes a different approach than Adidas‘s current lineup of footwear, which often features the company’s iconic long striped logo, in favor of a more practical and Yeezy-inspired look. The outside has terrace-like shaping rather than an athletic build or visible Adidas insignia, making it a unique and stylish showpiece.

In contrast to the earlier sets, which had lime green and white color palettes, the new pairings will include more subdued tones. The first one is sleek midnight grey and it’s matched with a softer, lighter silver-beige alternative. The third slide in the set, like the previous green and tan combination, has a marbled effect achieved by swirling black and beige colors. For an affordable price at retail, these have quickly earned the approval of sneaker enthusiasts particularly because of the ease of access.

Below, we took a deep dive into some of the current colorways and their design features. Continue scrolling to learn more about the Adilette 22 slides.

Adilette 22 Slides Desert Sand

The “Desert Sand” colorway updates the traditional slip-on with a sleek, modern design. Like other iterations, it’s made of EVA foam with a plant-based substance generated from sugarcane, and its design is inspired by 3D topography. The modest cream upper is broken up by black writing reading “The Brand with the Three Stripes” placed on the lateral midsole. These aren’t part of Kanye West’s signature shoe line, but they borrow a page from the Yeezy Slides with their monochromatic color scheme and classic design.

Adilette 22 Slides Magic Lime

“Magic Lime” is another hue made available during the silhouette’s first release that modernizes the slip-on style with a cutting-edge aesthetic that uses sustainable materials. The lightweight design is completed with a uniform lime green finish and is crafted from EVA foam that incorporates 25% plant-based material sourced from sugarcane. The bandage-strap upper, footbed, and midsole all have undulating lines reminiscent of 3D terrain, while the words “The Brand with the Three Stripes” appear on the shoe’s lateral sidewall.

Adilette 22 Slides Magic Lime Desert Sand

The “Magic Lime Desert Sand” colorway is a mash-up of the aforementioned hues, and it has streaks animating the whole slide, from the footbed to the dimpled outsole. Whether used as a house slipper or for surefire outfits, your feet will be comfortable in these thanks to the contoured footbed and flexible rubber outsole. EVA cushioning, like that of the coordinating drops, is made from plant-based materials, in this case, sugarcane. This contributes to adidas’ ongoing mission to eliminate plastic waste and overall, the two-tone colorway looks great.

Adilette 22 Slides Carbon

Swap out your all-black footwear for the similarly refined “Carbon” colorway, which dropped earlier this year in June. These slide-on sandals are a wardrobe must, since they go well with everything. The adidas trefoil emblem and branding are presented in a grey tint, which is a departure from the traditional white color used in prior color schemes. The space exploration and 3D topography cues are still visible and offer an interesting appeal in comparison to the footwear label’s other models.

Adilette 22 Slides Aluminum

The Adilette Slides in “Aluminum” are a simple way to upgrade your summer ensemble. These silvery-white slip-on slides were designed with 3D topography in mind, which is why they have an irregular texture that fulfills equal aesthetic and functional purposes. In addition to the previously mentioned color schemes, the use of natural and renewable materials in production shows that thought was given to the future of our world throughout the design process. When put next to the “Carbon” color scheme, they provide the ideal contrast.

Adilette 22 Slides Carbon Aluminum

Adilette 22 “Carbon Aluminum” has a recycled body that has been given a treatment inspired by 3D topography and martian excursions, and the resulting colorway is evocative of the Yeezy Foam Runner “MXT Moon Grey.” Consequently, the ergonomic set has a spacey blend of “Carbon” and “Aluminium” colors that mingle and clash over the strap and the pre-formed footbed, both of which are intended to be as comfortable as possible for the wearer. The new Adilette’s most striking details—the Earth-like structures that project and plunge over the upper—are obscured by the shoe’s monotone marble finish.

Where To Buy Adidas Adilette 22 Slides

As slides should be readily accessible, it’s hoped that the limited profits and an increase in stock consistent with past Adilette slides throughout the years would guarantee that pairs are available year-round. Thus, you can purchase the Adilette 22 slides directly from adidas or through third-party retailers on sites like GOAT, StockX, and Klekt.

How Do Adilette 22 Slides Fit

The adidas Adilette 22 runs true to size. While you’re certainly accustomed to sizing up in a pair of Yeezy Slides, finding the right size in an adidas Adilette is considerably less of a guessing game.

If you are on the border between sizes, though, you should choose the larger one. You may confidently wear them with or without socks. The rubber outsole is more robust than you’d imagine and the footbed is anatomically shaped to provide a comfortable fit.