7 Rap Artists To Watch: March 2022

Every year, we see a number of artists to watch trailblazing their own path through surefire bangers and undeniably stellar lyricism. This month’s lineup includes Arizona-bred artist Jaxx as well as Florida hip-hop duo and TikTok stars 3Fortiori. Whether it be through the power of social media or by way of feature, the rap genre as a whole continues to be a hotbed for amazing new acts.

Below, Raydar compiled a list of seven rap artists to watch from Doechii and Felukah to Deante’ Hitchcock and Pyrex Pryce to name a few. Be sure to tune in if you haven’t already.


Arizona-bred artist Jaxx is a relatively fresh face to music, making waves in 2020 upon the release of singles like “Like This!” and “Am.” Since then, he’s gradually been building out a formidable catalog of enjoyable records with surefire production at the base of each one. Kicking this year off, he dropped his new song and video titled “Too Often,” which is seemingly climbing the charts as one of his strongest to date. Shortly after, he followed with “Autumn,” a vibrant upbeat song that highlights his versatile and fun flow. 

Now, Jaxx is poised to rise among the ranks of many of today’s favorite new acts. “Since I’ve been making music, every song keeps getting better,” he shares. “I’m more excited to put out new music than I’ve ever been.” If you’re familiar with names like Highway or TyFontaine, then this is likely an artist that you’ll enjoy.

Deante’ Hitchcock

Amongst the many rappers interweaving a new wave of hip-hop in the Atlanta scene, Deante’ Hitchcock is an artist whom many may know for his charismatic freestyles across social media or appearance on Dreamville’s “PTSD.” Having said that, his journey is visible in many different mediums and over the years, Hitchcock has progressively gone from being an underdog to having a cult-like fanbase that appreciates the production and intricate substance that goes into his music.

This past month, the lyricist unveiled his four-song offering Everyday The 14th—a project that explores relationships and love as hinted by its Valentine’s release date. The project, while sonically differing from predecessors is a display of how his Southern rap can seamlessly blend with R&B stylings and funk. That same passion-induced rap appears across his catalog in different forms of discussion, whether it be about his come-up, love, struggle, and so on. From his 2012 debut 19 Summers up until this latest project, Hitchcock’s music career is a testament to how dedication and tenacity blossom into fruitful outcomes.

Pyrex Pryce

South Carolina has become a hotbed for music in recent years, introducing us to artists like 18Veno and Dro Kenji. Another name that often goes under the radar is Pyrex Pryce. He made a bit of noise back in 2019 upon dropping songs like “Burned Out” and “Messi,” and since then, the rapper has been championed among many of hip-hop’s tastemaker sites for his broad music range and fun visuals.

One of his newest singles arrives in the form of “Busy Body,” which pulls production from Lil Gotit and Remble collaborator 10Fifty who adds a lot of sauce to this record. Shot in New York by Declan Kyle, the song leans towards a more or so fun and nonchalant side of Pryce as he skates over the instrumental. Certainly, it’ll be interesting to see the Carolina native continue to build out his catalog and rise to stardom, whether that be in the underground or mainstream space.


Very often, artists submerge into the cultures that surround them, leaving much of their roots behind until it’s too late. Although, Egyptian musician Felukah allows them to collide, frequently pouncing between English and Arabic while exploring cultural issues and multiplicity within her songs. From her 2019 debut project Citadel to more recent material such as her Kawkab EP and collabs with The Synaptik, there’s a lot to love about the New York native.

This past month, Felukah dropped her latest musical offering aptly titled “Neighborhood.” The Neo-Soul-tinged track unlocks her full skillset and brings her creativity and ingenuity to the fore. Accompanied by a video shot in Cairo, the song gives us a glimpse into an exciting new voice in the hip-hop genre. If you’re a fan of Missy Elliot or Princess Nokia, then this might be an artist worth checking out.

Young Devyn

Despite not releasing any music so far this year, Brookyln’s Young Devyn has all eyes and ears on her. She captivated a massive online following with songs like “Straight To It” and “Like This” to name a few and now, she’s gearing up for her next full-length project slated to drop soon. Unlike others, Devyn holds nothing back in her music, making sure that every song down to the lyrics and flow connects with her audience.

Recently, she stopped by Audiomack for their illustrious Bless The Booth freestyle series where she ripped the TGUT-produced track for a minute straight. “I don’t think anyone really makes music for the everyday girl,” she previously shared in an interview with us. “I feel like we’re missing that reliability, that female that you can reach out and touch like she’s one of us.” Undoubtedly, Devyn sets the bar high in any room she walks in, accompanied by a compelling delivery and effortless flows.


When it comes to emcees killing the game right now, Doechii is the perfect contender for the future of hip-hop. Many may be familiar with her appearances on Isaiah Rashad’s 2021 track “Wat U Sed” or her recent collaboration with BIA and Missy Elliot on “Trampoline,” but her solo catalog really speaks for itself as well. Since making waves with a handful of independent releases across SoundCloud, she’s become an artist that everyone is rooting for.

Unlike many of today’s acts, Doechii doesn’t conform to the industry’s standard and quite frankly, it’s what makes her music so special. Coming off of her latest EP Bra-Less and a plethora of features, the Tampa artist is currently working on her next full-length project which we’re confident will contain some of her best works to date. Now, signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, the sky is the limit.


Florida rap duo 3Fortiori are no stranger to the Gen Z audience, accumulating over 3.5 million followers across TikTok. The pair consists of two best friends—Feek and Wyatt Walker—with a self-evident love for making music. In 2017, they made major waves upon the release of their single “I Know” and subsequently “Lasey” and “Up Next” with Young Don the Sauce God in 2019, gaining millions of streams across platforms. Not to mention, the rap powerhouse has racked up all of these accolades independently as well.

Their first release of 2022 comes in the form of “Jump Out The Flame,” a high-energy track that shows off the pair’s lyrical prowess and ability to weave together impressive bars. That same indomitable spirit drives 3Fortiori’s previous string of singles and hopefully, their forthcoming offerings this year. Watch their latest video, “Start Me Up,” below.

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