Published: July 13, 2022

Last Updated: August 4, 2022

7 Fitness Influencers To Keep On Your Radar

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We compiled a list of seven fitness influencers to follow across social platforms, ranging from Aktive Fitness founder Kyyla Renee to IG favorites such as Analis Cruz. Whether it be on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, these women provide an immense amount of content and gym tips to check out and learn from. Keep scrolling for some of our favorites!

Kyyla Renee (@kyylarenee)

For digital dwellers who frequent Twitter, chances are you’ve seen Kyyla Renee on your feed a number of times. The influencer launched her fitness label, Aktive Fitness, with the goal of convenient, accessible plans and chic workout gear to accompany you throughout your fitness journey. She often posts content via her Instagram stories and reels, giving her followers a peek into how she achieved her fit physique. Not to mention, the algorithm loves her!

Courtney Caldwell (@6ourt)

Having amassed over half-a-million followers across her social platforms, Courtney’s fitness journey is none short of exciting to watch. Whether it be her endless outfit inspiration on TikTik or leg and glute workouts, the content creator inspires women alike to use weight training as a way to achieve a healthy aesthetic and body of their dreams. Through her platform BBU—short for Big Body University—Courtney has a daily planner, which can be used to cultivate positive and productive habits, as well as her in-depth workout plan to cycle throughout the months.

Olivia Catania (@livfiit)

Spending much of her youth playing sports, hiking, snow skiing, and so forth, Olivia Catania‘s upbringing is rooted in health and wellness. She decided to begin her fitness journey in 2017 after discovering the world of weightlifting through the lens of social media. Olivia’s YouTube channel, Livfiit, has garnered over 60 thousand subscribers where her followers can get a glimpse at her workout routine, realistic day of eating, dieting and fitness tips, and much more. Olivia also launched her very own podcast earlier this year, discussing topics such as personal development, finding balance, and other topics as it relates to fitness.

Analis Cruz (@analiscruzx)

Among one of the most popular names on this list, Analis Cruz quickly rose to become the it-girl of fitness influencers, having gained over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and 650 thousand on Instagram. Her content ranges from detailed workouts, outfit inspiration, exercise and nutritional information, and a plethora of videos for beginners and intermediate gymgoers. Cruz also has endorsements from PEScience and Gen-Z favorite Gym Shark, the latter of which appears frequently across her feed.

Becca Dup (@flexwithbeccs)

Becca Dup worked hard to transform her body, career, and life through fitness. The NCAA Track & Field All-American athlete platform to inspire her followers to achieve their goals—even when she’s injured! Becca regularly publishes videos and content about her workouts and cardio, gym outfits, and some of the products she uses. If you’re looking for a fitness influencer who is just as passionate about working out as they are their style, then Dupp is definitely worth following.

Leana Deeb (@leanadeebb)

Born in Texas, Leana Deeb shares her workouts, motivation, and useful tips on developing a positive mindset and approach to working out. Having gained over 5 million followers on TikTok and 1.8 million on Instagram, Leana is a familiar face for many. She, like many others on this list, is endorsed by sportswear label Gym Shark. In addition to her workouts, the content creator often posts healthy recipes and bits of her lifestyle, whether it be her unwinding after a week of intense exercise or traveling across the world. There’s just so much to love about Leana!

Chantell RamireZ (@chantellramirezz)

Chantell Ramirez’s feed is full of posts about fitness, putting on muscle, losing weight, and cooking recipes that’ll make her page worthwhile vising. Through Instagram and TikTok reels, Chantell gives her followers insight into her workout routine, oftentimes split equally between quads and glutes, shoulders and triceps, and back and biceps. The RawGear athlete is certainly someone worth keeping on your radar.


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