5 Knitwear Labels To Support and Love

Whether it be innovative techniques that allow for unique patterns and shapes or handknitted garments that can’t be replicated once their made, knitwear has certainly changed over the past several years. Several designers and independent labels reshape the way we see clothing, interweaving themes of sensuality, comfort, and performance into their works. We comprised a list of some of our favorites, ranging from London-based Ellis Jaz to multidisciplinary artist Tatjana Haupt. Continue scrolling for five rising knitwear labels to support and love.

SULK Knitwear

If you want one-off, handknitted pieces that no one has a hold of, SULK Knitwear makes unique custom creations that often highlight the endless possibilities and depths of knitwear. Sarah Beasley created the brand as a passion project after her mom taught her to knit in 2020, and thus far, the pieces have certainly taken on a life of their own. So far, SULK has attracted an array of notable names like Sydney Lima, Stella Lucia, and Ellie Rowsell to name a few. From fuzzy hats, balaclavas, and leather bags with knitted straps to legwarmers, dresses, and jumpers, there’s something for everyone to gravitate toward.

Gabe Gordon

Textile designer Gabe Gordon marries comfort and discomfort through his eponymous label, which ranges from skin-hugging skirts, cardigans, dresses, and tops. Based in Providence, the pieces are hand-loomed and hand-dyed in earthy tones such as brown, beige, green, and off-white. Gordan’s garments operate as a second layer of skin, attracting the likes of Sydney Sweeney, Dua Lipa, and Kim Kardashian among other celebrities.

“I’m drawn to challenging the ways in which knit garments traditionally yield a sense of warmth and comfort. In my work, I’ve been trying to find some kind of balance or push and pull between comfort and discomfort,” the designer told i-D last year. He adds, “They’re supposed to show warmth, but also a constriction, like a tight squeeze. And the hand-dyeing process stretches around the form, changing in scale and color.”


Born in Southern Germany, multidisciplinary artist Tatjana Haupt’s work combines upcycled textiles, knitwear, chemical process, and objects to transform them into an assemblage of memories on the body. Whilst studying Knitwear for Fashion at IFM, the young designer has already made a name for herself. Her label, by TATI, sent ripples across the Internet for her jumpers that read “girls masturbate too” and “the best sex I have is my power.” Haupt’s garments largely draw inspiration from our generation’s identity to create a new value of materials, objects, jewelry, and clothes. The label is slated to make its way to APOC Store later this year with several more exciting milestones to follow.


Contemporary women’s knitwear brand PH5 leans towards the edgier side of androgynous fashion while keeping a touch of femininity. Marrying innovative knitting techniques with vivid colors and prints, the label offers an expansive range of breathable, lightweight pieces to shop from. Currently stocked at multi-brand retailers like SSENSE and Holt Renfrew, you can shop the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection and additional garments in several stores across the United States and Asia as well.

Ellis Jaz

London-based designer Ellis Jaz waves a sense of sensuality into her erotic knitwear, which features unexpected cut-outs and amplifies body parts like the chest and lower back. Launched in 2019, each piece from the namesake brand is hand-made to the highest quality with several pieces taking four to six weeks to complete. Designs such as the “Ammest” Dress and Purple “Pyre” Dress further cement the label’s ethos, placing the power in the wearer to feel erotically empowered and in a constant state of confidence.

“A constant source of inspiration for me is in women who find their own unique ways of expressing their sexuality entirely on their own terms. I look a lot at erotic representations of women, where possible I mostly look to female artists expressing feminine eroticism,” Jaz tells NASTY Magazine. “I’m inspired by women that are seductive by way of self-esteem, self-awareness, and strength being a source of attraction.”

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