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5 Healthier Gummy Candy Brands To Try

As consumers shift to a more mindful thinking process when picking out their favorite snacks and candies, the rise of healthier gummy candy alternatives has undoubtedly skyrocketed over the past few years. Many seek to move in a more sustainable direction by leaving behind animal gelatin, added sugars, and oils and extracts that aren’t good for your body. Nonetheless, here is our list of five candies that are not only enjoyable but serve as a healthy alternative as well!


A fresh face to the gummy candy industry, CandyCan is on a mission to make gummy vitamins more enjoyable. Founded by food industry veterans Ryan Wiltse and Krik Angacian, they launched the company amid the pandemic and introduced their very first functional gummy in the traditional candy space with its new line of plant-based, low sugar, clean label functional gummies. All the products are non-GMO and gluten-free, although shockingly maintain the same flavor profile as your typical gummy.

CandyCan currently comes in both fruity and sour flavor varieties for their respective different functions: FOCUS and SLEEP. The former is their sour bears which incorporate caffeine, L theanine, and alpha GPC for a symbiotically beneficial nootropic. The latter is their fruity bears that utilize melatonin and lemon balm to help achieve restful sleep. “I truly believe that everything we eat should provide a positive benefit, rather than drag us down like traditional candy does once the sugar rush wears off,” Co-Founder Ryan shares.

Jealous Sweets

Jealous Sweets is a company that’s been around for a bit over a decade, launched in 2010 by two friends Taz and Imran, who left their corporate jobs in search of a sweeter life. Thus, they launched the shamelessly tasty sweets that are mindfully portioned and sustainable after seeing the lack of choices and appeal in today’s current market. Jealous Sweet’s gummy candy is plant-based and free from palm oil, artificial colors, and synthetic flavors like many other brands.

Jealous Sweets has a large range of flavors and collections to choose from, which has undoubtedly aided the company in its rapid rise to popularity in the UK. The flavor profiles include apple, cherry, lemon, peach, pineapple, and grapefruit amongst several others. Its collections range from Fruit Foams, Jealous Bears, Tangy Fruits, and Sour Beans with a sugar-free option as well. Not to mention, they use recyclable bags on all their sweets which is a plus for those into sustainability.


Katjes is a gummy candy based in Germany that’s been established ever since 1950, the name is Dutch for “kittens.” Although a very massive retailer overseas, the company has recently entered the US market with its flavor-first gummies. A large part of Katjes’ marketing is how it contains no animal gelatin, which is commonly used in sweets as a gelling agent and is normally derived from pigs or cows. While many plant-based gummy candy brands do this, it often leaves the product very tough and sticky. However, Katjes has managed to create a yummy gummy candy that maintains a soft and flavorful chew.

In the US, Katjes comes in three colorful and exciting flavor profiles: Sour, Rainbow, and Love & Stars which is the brand’s creative way of introducing itself to the United States market. The Sour flavor comes in a mix of five flavors: passion fruit, orange, lime, raspberry, and black currant. Elsewhere, the Rainbow gummies are made with four delicious flavors: cherry, strawberry, blueberry, and orange—it’s a really unique taste that meshes well. Lastly, the Love & Stars flavor contains a magical red (strawberry flavor), a starry white (orange flavor), and a passionate blue (cherry flavor). Welcome to the States, Katjes!

Saturday Sweets

Saturday Sweets is another fairly new gummy candy brand, except it takes a rather different approach that is quite the story. Founded by Erik Thornally, the company is rooted in Swedish tradition and inspired by his family visits as a child. Similar to how Sundays in America are synonymous with football, Saturdays in Sweden are known for candy, hence the name Saturday Sweets. Its gummy candy is uniquely crafted using authentic Swedish recipes without high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, or trans fat.

For its launch, Saturday Sweets introduced five candies: Mini Dummies, Cola Logs, Rainbow Rolls, Minimelons, and Sweet Strawberries. Although not all, many of the candies are also made with natural colors and are gluten-free, gelatin-free, and even plant-based. “Swedish people eat about 35 pounds of candy a year, which is the highest per capita in the world. As a result, the quality of their candy and ingredients are unmatched,” Founder Erik emphasizes.

Better Bears

Founded in 209, Better Bears is a company created by serial entrepreneur Garrett Downes when he was starting to be more mindful about his snacking choices. Downes’ brand is a commitment to modernizing classic candy in a healthier way, providing a zero waste product that consumers could feel good about, and transparency for both consumers and stakeholders.

Better Bears is on a mission to modernize the candy aisle by creating healthier snacking options that are naturally sweetened with zero-waste. Its naturally sweetened and vegan gummy candy line comes in mixed berry, tropical citrus, and a convenient variety pack. Surprisingly, each bag is 50 calories and contains 1g of sugar and a whopping 39g of carbohydrates.

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